Commercial Wi-Fi Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance in the Duluth, MN area

We have a long history of providing reliable, complaint-free wireless networking (Wi-Fi) solutions. If you need Wi-Fi service for a convention center, an RV park, a hotel or motel or a small storefront, we will custom design a wireless networking system that will meet the specific needs of your business or venue. If necessary, we can upgrade your existing wired data network infrastructure to handle the highest speeds available in your area. We also provide point-to-point wireless networking solutions to connect remote buildings on your property to your data network.


Our Services include:

  • Remote, off-site diagnostic and monitoring services
  • Wireless MESH networks for seamless handoff between access points
  • Indoor, outdoor and long-range access points
  • Hotel, motel, restaurant and hospitality Wi-Fi installations
  • Large area outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for RV parks, marinas and public areas
  • Guest access portals with custom landing page design
  • Existing wireless network expansion
  • Existing Wi-Fi network diagnosis and repair
  • Modem, router, switch and data cabling upgrades

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